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MarketPlace supports HeartKids

MarketPlace has stepped up its support of community organizations supporting children in need with its sponsorship of HeartKids recent charity walk – Two Feet and a Heartbeat.
Managing Director of MarketPlace and A & S Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables Mr Stephen Fanous and his family were personally on had at the walk to support over 400 people directly affected by Childhood Heart Disease.
As part of the MarketPlace and A & S Wholesale commitment to living a healthy and active lifestyle, the company was delighted to donate around $4000 in fresh fruit for participants to enjoy at the end of the walk or take home.
Mr Fanous said “I’m particularly happy to support HeartKids as I am a father of three children and am well aware of the joy they bring to our lives. Marketplace is proud to support such a great organization which directly assists families affected by Heart Disease”.
Two Feet and a Heartbeat was held on Sunday 29th May 2016 at the North Melbourne Football Club grounds, Arden Street, North Melbourne. It was an easy walk of approximately 2.1km on level ground and was not designed to be race. Participants were encouraged to walk as a group with prams and strollers at a comfortable pace.
Registrations opened at 9am, with the walk commencing at around 10am. A memorial tribute was held for those walking in memory of a child who has lost their battle with Childhood Heart Disease and all participants are invited to stay for a picnic afterwards.

The walk was a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about the importance of our HeartKids Support Programs and is an opportunity for all participants to raise funds should they wish too. All funds raised will ensure our support services are available when a heart family need it most.